Idiotic Outlook

Central IT services once again are useless with their choice of software and as such our use of Exchange server and Outlook has caused much important email to go wandering. It took the input of Zeyn to tell me that although I have “all” of my central email forwarded to the department, this did not include anything sent from within the university as this would get redirected to my adf email address and therefore end up in an unchecked and unloved Microsoft inbox.

After finding all my missing email from months back and having to make rushed decisions about things I had months to contemplate I decided to try and sort out the forwarding debacle. Central support were about as useful as their software and therefore I took it upon myself. I researched OWA and found that I could set rules. I tried to do this, but it is only supported on the “enhanced version” which only runs on IE6 or above! This made this worse as I then had to try and find a Windows machine and battle with the never-before-configured IE7. Finally I made the rule, with a very unintuitive interface, and hey-presto it *might* work. Since I am not in the central university I can’t actually send myself an email to try it out since all external mail was being forwarded anyway.

So we might know at some indefinite time in the future if it has worked, or not because I may not get sent another email through that route, and if I were I may not know.

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