Service Reward Elicitation

The main issue when it comes to automatically determining whether or not to provide information to a service is what benefit it will have to the user. Currently there seems as if there is no definition language for this, and this is understandable due to the high complexity of the type of reward and levels of reward which may be provided. Another major factor as to why this language is difficult to implement is that it should be boolean, not scalar in its values otherwise definition of each continuous number would be required otherwise the system would not be fair and open to exploitation by services which wish to gain the information by “bending” the figures to suit.

The system I hope to develop to elicit these details to a system in order to provide automated sharing protocols will hopefully extend or be of similar kind to XDI in order for the adaptation of service and identity providers to be easier and therefore useful.

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  1. Eh, what? I understood the first two sentences in your post, and the rest is just completely lost. Try writing smaller sentences. Use punctuation. Read again before you post 🙂

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