Start of the week

So, the new president is taking up office today, I wonder if he will make a difference, and a positive one at that. No doubt any speeches will be gaff-free, but will the head figure change everyone else. One thing’s for sure, he won’t be anywhere near as funny. Who doesn’t like a good laugh at an American hic.

Last night I played C&C3 online with Matt, we were totally whooped by NOD, more practice required I think.

In other news I had brilliant fun registering a domain before another Matt at Uni. Apparently they don’t lock them until you’ve paid. I decided to transfer it back to him because I’m kind and it’s free to do so on ukreg between users. We later found changing the registrant is £10 + VAT so I’m keeping it in my name on the documents. I think it’s hilarious, as does everyone else, but it burns Matt up inside to read the Whois data. This however just makes it funnier.

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