Research Status – how do you know?

Well, it’s another cold morning waiting at the train station. I’ve read the poems on the windows in the waiting room many times, but they are still interesting. Does that define good poetry or boredem?

I’ve made some progress as far as research goes. It seems my novel auction idea for advertising isn’t so novel as Google have two paper regarding it. They are using linear techniques and are not privacy preserving, so I still have something. Whether I can improve speed, privacy or both is the question.

My visit to Vodafone is on Wednesday and therefore I may know what they are interested in. It took them quite a while to invite me down, but now they have paid me it seems I’ve caught their attention.

Also, I’ve emailed one of the researchers at Google for their input, I hope they get round to replying.

Finally, I have a presentation to a software engineering group (SEBASE) on Monday, I’ve something of a talk for them, but after Wednesday or the talks I attend on Sunday it may need some revision.

Lack of time last night prevented me from finishing an interesting auction paper from Google (mentioned a lot today aren’t they). Hopefully I can finish this and write my Vodafone paper today.

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